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Hullo, it's Remus, leave a message; sona si latine loqueris.
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Name: Merry
DW username: [personal profile] holdwine
IM: Gosh… haven't had one in a while but can certainly make one for the game!
Plurk: halflingmerry

Other Characters: None

Character Name: Remus Lupin
Series: Harry Potter
Timeline: Between chapters one and two of Philosopher's Stone; mid-nervous-collapse after Halloween.
Canon Resource Link: I like HP Wiki best. The books are unassailable; I'm not on Pottermore so don't always know what's subsequently popped up there.

Character History: [OOC: I may have to redo this section; I don't know if it crosses the line from POV filter to headcanon. I definitely expand on some canon details to more clearly understand/justify things that come later. E.g. how Sirius and Remus could have imagined one another to be the traitor [Prisoner of Azkaban], nuclear family dysfunction [Deathly Hallows]…]

~ origins ~ )

~ interactions with other characters ~ )

~ role in future events ~ )

Abilities: all the magicks )

Special Powers: self-care of magical creatures )

Third-Person Sample: Prompt: Make you feel right at home Event )

First-Person Sample: possible first network post with Latin )
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ID: neque-illic

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NAME: Remus John Lupin

CANON: Harry Potter and the Goddamn Patriarchy [Books are unassailable; sometimes take liberties with things that have subsequently popped up on the wiki or Pottermore—though, belatedly reading the bio there, delighted at things I accidentally seem to have gotten right/in accord with Rowling. May continue to adjust to make even closer… but for now, working with what I've used in the past for [personal profile] lumenrelegandus.]

CANON POINT: Department of Backstory![oh what the hell have some chocolate] Between chapters one and two of Philosopher's Stone.

ARRIVAL TYPE: "Rescued" is tempting 'cause he was in desperate need of it! I don't want him to be instantly cured of his trauma/grief on arrival, though… (All the better to work through!) Then again, curing his lycanthropy would be handy. Maybe the Clock can decide that emotions can't be magically swept away without creating other problems, so it rescues him from his physical circumstances, which certainly contribute to his psychological issues, but not necessarily the issues themselves? If that's not how the Clock rolls, "accidental"!

IC USERNAME: neque-illic

history, canon and head- )

personality )

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changes )


ONE: Written for Clock Box (ficcy flashbacks for moment of rescue/departure to the Box) : "where are/who were/how could you"

TWO: Written as Trio-era counterpart [personal profile] lumenrelegandus in [community profile] scorched, for an aging-down event that made him a little younger than Loop here will be: A goes to B goes to C. (Plus beta and gamma). Bit lighter-hearted than 1 and 3!

THREE: Test drive prompt: "1. Tropes ahoy! The Clock seems to have a fascination for watching how different characters get out of sticky situations, especially when there's more than one person in the mix. In this case, your character is trapped — in an elevator, maybe, or the wax museum, or the hedge maze. Wherever it is, the doors aren't working properly, or aren't there at all. Fortunately, there's someone there to wait it out with! However you approach the difficulties you’re now in, the Clock thrives on communication and connection; the sooner you reach out, the sooner you can get things back to normal."

stuck in an elevator )


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